Is YOUR Email Address Hacked?

Earlier this month a hacking group released a list of almost 62,000 email accounts and their passwords. This list was made available publicly to one and all.

The original list is not available any more. Dazzlepod has though made the list available without the passwords so people could check if any of their email addresses have been compromised. The list is available here:

There are almost 62,000 email addresses and Dazzlepod has divided the list in to 120 pages.
I would like to go through the list and check if any of mine or my family member’s email has been compromised. Going through 120 pages and searching for almost 10 aliases on each page is a daunting task.

So I went ahead and automated the process, that is scripted a spider (kind of). The spider goes though all 120 pages and reports if any of the aliases I know of have been compromised.

This script is created using iMacros plug-in for Firefox.


  • Download and install Firefox (if you don’t have it already).
  • Download and install iMacros for Firefox
  • Click here to download my iMacros script and copy it to iMacros folder. It is mostly (C:\Users\<username>\Documents\iMacros\Macros) in Windows-7 environment.
  • Open the script in editor and update the values in var mynames = new Array(“alias1“,”alias2“) with your aliases. Do not include domain name and suffix.
  • Now run the script and you should get the response in 5-10 minutes. Depending on number of aliases and website speed.

If your browser blocks the download of a ‘javascript’ file then here is the script for your reference:

var i, j, retcode;
var report;
var ret;
var macro;
var jsLF = "\n";
var iPages = 120;
/*NOTE: Change the list in next line to include all the email aliases you'd like to check.
E.g.: ("alias1","alias2","alias3","alias4")
var mynames = new Array("alias1","alias2")

iimDisplay("Start DazzlePod");

report = "Password Report\n\n";

for (i = 1; i <= iPages; i++) {
iimDisplay("Page: "+(i)+" of Page: "+(i));
macro = "CODE:";
macro += "URL GOTO=" + i + jsLF;
macro += "REFRESH" +jsLF;

for (j = 0; j < mynames.length; j++) {
macro += "TAG POS=1 TYPE=TD ATTR=TXT:" + mynames[j] + "* EXTRACT=TXT" + jsLF;

macro += "WAIT SECONDS=1";
retcode = iimPlay(macro);
report += i;
if (retcode < 0) {
report += ": "+iimGetLastError();
} else {
report += ": OK";
/* display the FIRST extracted item in report*/
s = iimGetLastExtract(1);
if ( s != "#EANF#" ) {
report += "Email: "+ iimGetLastExtract(0) + " found on page: " + i + "\n";
} else {
report += "Clear"
report += "\n";
iimDisplay("Test complete");

alert ( report );

1 - There is a longer list now on Dazzlepod with almost 260,000 emails:
2 - They now also have a search box, so that makes this script redundant

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